Women in Business Programme


The Women in Business programme aims to promote women entrepreneurs and participation in business by providing women-led enterprises with better access to funding. Its primary goals are to support women-led SMEs in accessing finance for sustainable growth and job creation; develop sustainable financial products specifically suitable for women-led SMEs; and assist women’s SMEs to access advice and know-how.


In terms of access to finance, dedicated credit lines will be set up of up to EUR 43.4 million to eligible PFIs for on-lending to eligible women-led SME. The average size of the sub-loan is expected to be approximately EUR 15,000 (maximum size of EUR 1 million), with an estimated 3,000 sub-loans to be disbursed to women-led SMEs from up to 12 PFIs.



Contact Information:

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Merani Business Centre, 6th Floor

31a, Griboedovi Str,, Tbilisi, 0108, Georgia

Tel.: +995 322 447 400

E-mail: knowhowgeorgia@ebrd.com


For more information about the Women in Business Programme, please visit the following link: