DCFTA Adaptation Programme (DAP)


The DCFTA Adaptation Programme (DAP) supports SME competitiveness in Georgia and is financed by European Union.

Objectives of the DAP are:

  • Strengthen SME competitiveness;
  • Export facilitation;
  • Adoption of news standards;
  • Raise awareness of the DCFTA;
  • Improve access to finances for SMEs;
  • Increase the use and improve the quality of local business advisory services.



Contact Information: 

Advice for Small Businesses Georgia, SME Finance and Development

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Business Centre Merani, 6th Floor

31a, Griboedovi Str. Tbilisi, 0108, Georgia


Tel.: +995 322 447 400

E-mail: knowhowgeorgia@ebrd.com 


For more information about the project please follow the link:


www.ebrd.com/ knowhow